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Number 2 Pencil

Number 2 Pencil



You display a pencil which has "No 2" written on it.  Suddenly the writing moves to another spot on the pencil.  It can disappear and then becomes very l-o-n-g.  Great close-up magic & easy to do.

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It's always ready to go and resets instantly! As you can see from the images, the No 2 Pencil is a visually striking animation from start to finish as the 'No 2' symbol on a pencil disappears, reappears, and then for a finale slides and stretches. That's right, it's a real 'no 2' stamped on a real pencil that looks like real magic.

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Bill Tube- Brass

A dollar bill is signed by the spectator. The magician hands a beautiful locked brass tube to the spectator. The signed bill vanishes while the spectator holds the tube. When the tube is opened, the signed dollar bill is inside it. Paper money from any country can be used. Easy to do.



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