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A card is selected and returned to the deck.  A twisted piece of wire is shown and then placed into a candle flame.  Slowly the wire forms itself into the shape of the card selected such as the AD (Ace of Diamonds), 3S (Three of Spades), etc.  Very visual and easy to do.

PLEASE NOTE: Magicians use only, inappropriate for children under the age of 16.

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The magician displays a thin wire that is seen on the table. He then requests the spectator to select a card from the deck. Taking out a cigarette lighter the performer proceeds to warm up the wire. As the wire becomes warm the wire is seen to move on its own and assume a shape to relate to the selected card. All can now be examined as there is nothing for them to find

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Zig Zag Rope

A rope is placed into a plastic holder. Visibly the holder has slid apart and the rope is seen to be separated in half. The rope is slid back together and pulled out of the holder to show that it is back as one piece again.



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