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UFO [Ultra Floating Object]

UFO [Ultra Floating Object]

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             UFO or Ultra Floating Object allows you to float small objects!  This is the ultimate floating device! Set includes the device, instructional booklet, and DVD! 


Try our finest close-up/standup effect that you can use to float cards, coins, candy, and just about anything under the weight of a half dollar!

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Guide Contents:


Materials and Preparation

The Magic Effects

  • Throwing a Card from Hand to Hand
  • Floating a Card in Mid-air
  • Levitating a Card to Your Hand
  • Spinning a Card Through a Hoop Repeatedly
  • Spinning a Card Through a Finger Hoop
  • Spinning a Card Around Your Body
  • Card Rising on Hand
  • Card Sliding on a Table
  • Card Around the Body Multiple Times
  • Tricks with Other Cards


  • Rising Cards
  • Floating Dollar
  • Floating a Silk Hanky
  • Floating Small Objects
  • Ring Climbing a Pencil
  • Moving Objects Under a Glass
  • Floating Objects in a Corked Bottle
  • Telekinesis
  • Causing Objects to Fall
  • Standing a Card on Edge

... and much more!


Amazed my friends!

I had a lot of fun fooling my friends into thinking that I could really move objects with my mind. They had no idea how it really works. Just the fact that I could move objects across the table freaked them out. Hardly need to practice that one. It's all in the act!


    Requires Practice

    This effect requires some practice before showing to an audience. If done correctly it will leave people completely baffled. I recommend taking a few hours to practice concealing this trick before performing for a large group. Everyone thinks they know how it is done until you throw the card through a hoop. (This trick is also easy to carry around).

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