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Magician or mentalist requests a spectator to either write a word or draw a picture on a piece of paper.  Without hesitation is appears that the spectator's mind can be read--and their word or picture revealed.

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 The new and improved Thought Transmitter is a great device for reading minds! Select a member of the audience to write anything he/she would like such as a date, number, shape, or word onto a piece of paper. Hide the Paper face down in the wallet between two cards and close the wallet. Show that there is not any way you can see into the wallet and instantly know what the written secret is!

The Advantages

There are no sliding or moving parts!
Everything can be freely handled without fear of detection!
There are no impressions, carbon paper, nothing stolen, no sleight of hand, no magnets, no center tears!
You gain the information instantly in full view of the spectator, and the effect can be repeated!
Fools even the most knowledgeable magicians or mentalists!

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