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THE RAVEN is a secret PK device where you can present amazing magic. Put a coin in a spectator's hand and it will vanish without you touching it. You can change one coin to another in a spectator's hand with just a wave.... Easy to do.

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Called magic's most visual vanish, the Raven can be used for a wide range of eye-popping magic. The magician shows his hands front and back, then waves a hand over a coin and the coin vanishes, shrinks or changes to a different coin! You can also vanish dollar bills, matchbooks, knives, forks and more.

Includes the Raven secret gimmick, special props, written instruction and DVD.

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Switch Box

This effect has endless possibilities.  Great for magicians and mentalists. Colorful instructions include 3 suggested routines  including switches with dollar bills, silks, and appearing cards.

Size: 5.25 x 3 x 3.5 inches (Length x Width x Height



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