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Underwraps (Mark Mason)

Under Wraps (Mark Mason)



 Show a card case to the audience, on the card case, there is a face-down card and a face up 3 of Diamonds. You explain the reason for the 3 of Diamonds being on every box, is that this is the card that most spectators select. Spectator selects a card, it is NOT the 3 of Diamonds--it is the 5 of spade's  The card box is shown again & card has changed to 5 of Spades.  Requires no skill.

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A regular deck is removed from the box and the joker is given to the spectator. They slide the joker into the deck, anywhere they like. The card next to the joker will be the selected card. This will be the 3 of Diamonds and will prove why there is a picture of it on the box. The selected card is revealed ---- it's the 10 of Hearts. They picked the wrong card. The deck is shown, the cards are still in new deck order, the only one missing is the 10 of Hearts. You now instruct the spectator to flip over the box. The card UNDER THE CELLOPHANE is now the 10 OF HEARTS, matching their chosen card. This is a great piece of close up magic, it resets in seconds, is so easy to do, it's great. You could actually give the box to the spectator as a souvenir. The deck you can use as your regular deck for any other tricks you love to do. Comes complete with a regular bicycle card case and two magnetic custom made gimmicks that make this one of those effects you will love to perform. Remember The change is UNDERNEATH THE CELLOPHANE. No elastic. Nothing flips. No flaps. A regular card box is used. I guarantee you will LOVE the method.

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Mumble Jumble

Ten cards ranging from ace to 10 are fanned out. The alternate cards are removed and placed on top of the packet. When cards are fanned face up again they are seen to be back in their original order! Comes with an instructional DVD and necessary cards. 



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