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The magician has a spectator select a card and sign their name on it.  The card is placed back in the deck and shuffled.  The magician takes the deck and throws it to the ceiling--the deck comes back to the ground, but the signed selected card remains on the ceiling! One of the best cards tricks in the world.

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A card is selected by a spectator, signed or otherwise marked, and returned to the deck. The deck is wrapped with a rubber band. The magician then tosses the deck upward to the ceiling and the  selected card is left stuck to the ceiling with the signature showing.

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Blank Deck/ Mental Photography Deck

A deck of playing cards is displayed; they look normal but, PRESTO they all become blank on both the front and back.  PRESTO they are changed back to a regular deck.  Easy to do.  Comes complete with easy to understand instructions.



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