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Block Thru Glass

Block Thru Glass



The magician shows 2 empty square tubes and a sheet of Plexiglas.  He places the glass between the tubes and drops a square wooden block all the way through--penetrating the glass without making a hole!  Very amazing to see & easy to do.

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The audience is told to both watches and listen as they will actually see and here the block penetrate the glass. The solid block is dropped into the top tube; the audience sees it past the first window. It hits the Plexiglas and they hear it. Finally, they see it pass the window in the bottom tube and hear it hit the table. This is a wonderful visual magic which is very baffling and yet very, easy to do. Block is 3X5 inches!

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Bendable Pen

Pen will bend for the magician but for nobody else! 



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