Special Card Book Bundle with Republic Playing Cards - marked & stacked Expand
Special Card Book Bundle with Republic Playing Cards - marked & stacked
Special Card Book Bundle with Republic Playing Cards - marked & stacked Republic Playing Cards - Marked and Stacked Easy Card Magic by Geno Munari and a Pack of Cards by Jean Hugard After The Desert - Tricks to use at the dinner table Between Two Minds - The nost sensational book in years Cardmania - Collection of sleights using ungaffed cards! Card Magic Bro. John Hamm by Paul LePaul Al Bakers Book One - enjoy the inventive genius of Al Baker Select Secrets by Dal Vernon

Special Card Book Sale Bundle



8 selected card trick books and 1 deck of Republic Playing Cards (Marked and Stacked) – includes shipping within the continental US for only $13.99.

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The 8 books included are:

Easy Card Magic Preview Book
by Geno Munari. This book has 26 of the very best card tricks you can do with any deck. 22 pages
And A Pack Of Cards Preview Book
Cherished Secrets of a Master Manipulator
Revised and Edited with Copious Notes and References by Jean Hugard 93 pages
After The Dessert Preview Book
We have chosen only tricks which make use of object found at any dinner table. All are performed while seated, with spectators on both right and left. 18 pages
Between Two Minds Preview Book
The most sensational book in years. It's the greatest book for the mentalist-magician to see printed in over a quarter of a century. Between the covers of this cloth bound book are to be found the finest of modern day miracles by leading performers in this field of pseudo-mentalism. 

Effects that lean towards the supernatural and supernormal ... practical, and for use in your current magic act. 75 pages

Cardmania Preview Book
A collection of sleights using gaffed cards!  50 pages
the Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S.M. - New and Different Effects with Playing Cards Preview Book
This book contains some of Brother John Hamman's most outstanding tricks! by Paul LePaul 47 pages
Al Bakers Book One Preview Book
Al was a first rate inventor of tricks. Each one had the special Al Baker touch. Those that he marketed were instantly popular, and magicians everywhere performed Al Baker magic during the 3O's, 40’s, 50's and on through today. Readers are encouraged to search out the literature and enjoy the inventive genius of Al Baker. 39 pages
Select Secrets Preview Book
A few tricks should appeal to the novice, other tricks should appeal to the advanced amateur and the professional performer.
by Dai Vernon  41 pages

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