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ACAAB (Boris Wild)

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In this book, Boris offers you his amazing version of this mythical routine. Here is the effect: A prediction deck is introduced before anything starts and remains in the card case until the end. A first spectator freely names any number: his birthday or a number from 1 to 52 depending on the variation you perform. He can say any number. No restrictions. No force or equivoque. Totally free choice.

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The spectators are chosen at random. No stooges or even "instant stooges". •No pre-show. No assistant required. •The prediction deck is introduced before the effect starts and remains in its card case until the end in a safe place which has been checked by a spectator. •The first spectator can really name any number (either his birthday or a number from 1 to 52). His choice is totally free. •The second spectator can really name any playing card. His choice is totally free. •The performer never touches the cards of the prediction deck. He does not even open the card case. The third spectator does everything: he counts the cards himself by turning them face up one by one until the named number. •The named card is always revealed in the exact position of the named number. •No special conditions required. Notable needed. Can be performed anywhere: stage, stand up, close-up and even walk around. •No sleights. The routine can be performed by anybody even if they never do card tricks. •No memorized deck or mnemonic work. No formulas or sequences to remember. No mental calculations to learn. •No rough and smooth. No sticky cards. No short cards. The spectator can freely handle the cards. They are normal as you use your own cards. •Can be repeated as many times as you want with a different number and a different card each time. •No multiple scenarios affecting the presentation which becomes more or less clean depending on the choices. •Resets in a few seconds

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