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This is an easy card trick for any magician to perform and look like a professional.

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You ask a spectator to think of a playing card, any playing card in a deck of 52 cards. You repeat this and say you will name the card.........FRED! He thinks you have lost your mind . You say , really what card  are you thinking of ? Suppose the spectator says the three of clubs. You pull out a deck from your pocket and show the backs and the different faces. You find the three of clubs. You say is your card FRED. They still think you are nuts. You turn the card over and the card has FRED written in a big bold letter.

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Pen Thru (Through) Bill

The magician borrows a dollar bill or any kind of paper money and takes a ball point pen and pushes it right through the center of the money!  When he removes the pen the audience is surprised to find there is no hole in the money!  Everything can be examined at the end.  No sleight of hand.  Easy to do.



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