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Visible Card Change

Visible Card Change



A great device where one card VISIBLY changes into another card.  You can also appear or disappear cards as well as numerous other effects.  Fun & easy to do.

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Visible Card Change

Here are just a few tricks you can do with the Visible Card Trick set!

  • A card visibly changes into another.
  • Writing visibly appears on a card.
  • A full-size card visibly shrinks to a miniature version of itself.
  • A card back visibly changes into a card face.
  • A card visibly vanishes or appears while contained within a transparent envelope.

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The Great Houdini Magic Set

101 Easy Magic Tricks.  One of the best values as you learn 101 greats magic tricks--make things appear, disappear, change places, etc.  Comes  complete with both instructional book and DVD.  Great for both kids and adults. A great value.



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