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The secret device used to accomplish card miracles.  Charlie Miller & Ron Wilson proudly present their "Card Index" with Geno Munari's adaptation of the Jimmy Grippo Index!

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Charlie Miller & Ron Wilson proudly present their "Card Index" as well as Geno Munari's adaptation of the Jimmy Grippo Index!

This tool allows you to be able to pull any card from your pocket at any time. The perfect utility device for any mentalist and card magician.

RON WILSON, Known as the Uncanny Scot, has been a professional magician most of his life, now retired. He is President Emeritus of the Acadamy of Magical Arts (the Magic Castle) and a multiple award winner. He is also a Member of the Inner Circle, London, with a gold star.

CHARLIE MILLER has been recognized as a true legend in magic. A friend of Dai Vernon, Faucett Ross and many of the real "insiders" he contributed many items in the book, Expert Card Technique authored by Hugard and Braue. Charlie Miller, Charlie Miller, Charlie Miller (as he would sign his autograph) was the writer of MAGICANA, a Magazine Within A Magazine that appeared in Genii Magazine.

JIMMY GRIPPO was the Magician in Residence at Ceasars Palace for over 25 years entertaining celebrities, royalty, and high rollers. The description of Jimmy's performance has been captured in the rare appearance on the Johnny Carson Show and Merv Griffin. Those fortunate to view these performances will realize the value of the magic of Jimmy Grippo. The Card Index was one of Jimmy Grippo's masterpieces.

This kit includes:

1 Card Index

1 Bicycle deck

1 Instruction book


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The Magic of Jimmy Grippo

The Magic of Jimmy Grippo

Recognized as one of the greatest close-up magicians in history.  His biography as well as instructions of his most famous effects



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