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A BRAND NEW EFFECT! The magician has the ability to read minds. A deck of cards is displayed and a spectator thinks of a card and the magician controls the spectators thoughts as he names the chosen card. Can be done with several people, each looking/thinking of their own (different) cards.  

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The magician has a deck of cards that is openly spread on the table.  It is picked up and turned face up in the hands and the cards can be dribbled from one hand to the other.  Everything is fair and square.  The magician can have a spectator simply think of a card that he sees and it is revealed.  One, two and even three spectators can think of a card to be revealed by the magician.  The magician can even allow the spectator to cut to a card and simply think of the card.  Through Mind Control, the magician can correctly determine the card.  The effect can be repeated instantly.


  • One Mind Control Deck
  • One instructional book
  • One secret code for DVL (Digital Video Link) for an exclusive instructional video

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Ultra Mental Deck

One of the most amazing decks of cards you could ever use.  The magician asks a spectator too, "Name any card in a deck of cards."  Whatever card they name is found to be turned upside down within the deck!  Impossible! Can be used either close up or on stage.



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