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Blank Deck/ Mental Photography Deck

Blank Deck/ Mental Photography Deck

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A deck of playing cards is displayed; they look normal but, PRESTO they all become blank on both the front and back.  PRESTO they are changed back to a regular deck.  Easy to do.  Comes complete with easy to understand instructions.

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The Blank Deck also called the Mental Photography

Deck is a wonderment of magic. The magician starts

with blank cards and finishes with printed cards and

then back to blank. Here is how the routine goes: Start

by displaying the Blank Deck, fanned out to show both

sides blank. Say, “Does anyone play the game of 22?”

Someone will say invariably say , “21?” You say, “You try

to get 21. I get 22, 35, 45 etc.” Now square the deck up.

Say, “ I have a new system to beat the game of blackjack.

Buy your cards blank from the factory. I get them blank

on the front and blank on the back.” With this last remark, you are fanning the

cards front and back showing them completely blank. Riffle the cards with

your left or right thumb to show all the cards blank. Cut the deck by riffling

from front to back and show a “face”. Say, “If you want to give the dealer a

(whatever the card cut is) , you give him a face but no back.” Show the face

card with the back to be blank. Keep cutting and call the next card cut to. “If

you want an X, give the dealer an x with a face but no back.” Continue doing

this a few times continuously showing the face without a back. You can even

let the spectator touch the card. Then say, “If you want a back, you print a

back.” Take the last card on the back, the one with the back facing you, and

hold it with the blank face to the audience and the printed back towards

yourself. They are looking and see a blank face. Wait for a second or so and

slowly tip the card down to show the back is printed, and then tilt the deck

to show the top card is blank. Replace the card. Say, “You didn’t believe me.”

Then fan the cards and show the top card and bottom card, with this pattern,

“Here is a face with no back and here is a back with no face.” Fan the cards to

clearly show this. Square up the deck and riffle the cards forward with your

thumb and you show the face card and all the cards after to be blank. (The

the last card is a back. ) Then say, “If you want to see all of the faces snap your

fingers, if you want to see all of the backs, snap your fingers again.” With this

pattern grab the deck with the base of the deck in your right or left fingers,

with the face of the deck towards the spectators. With your thumb, riffle

from the back of the deck to the front, showing all the faces. Then riffle again

and tilt the deck so that they can see all the backs. Do this several times, and

then turn the deck face up and riffle the cards into the palm of your hand so

that all the faces show, letting the cards fall side to side. Say, “Here are all the

faces.” Turn the deck over without squaring the back, and say, “Here are all

the backs! Are there any questions?” This should get a good laugh. Square up

all of the cards and someone will say, “How did you do that?”


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