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Royal Road to Card Magic - Book

Royal Road to Card Magic - Book

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The Royal Road to Card Magic

by, Jean Hugard & Fredrick Braue

This is known to be the best book for any beginner to learn card magic.

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The Royal Road to Card Magic is an excellent introduction to card magic. The skills required to perform these effects are not beyond the abilities of most people and can be performed with a borrowed deck.

The authors, both noted authorities on magic, present complete, easy-to-understand explanations of shuffles, flourishes, the glide, the glimpse, false shuffles and cuts, the pass, the classic force, and many other techniques. These will enable card handlers to perform over 100 mind-boggling feats of card magic, including Thought Stealer, Gray's Spelling Trick, Do as I Do, Now You See It, Obliging Aces, Rapid Transit, Kangaroo Card, A Tipsy Trick, and dozens of others. Illustrated with more than 120 clear line cuts that make the explanations easy to follow, this exciting introduction to card conjuring will enable even beginners to develop professional-level skill and the ability to perform tricks guaranteed to astound family and friend

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