Expert at the Card Table Deluxe Set- Erdnase Expand
Expert at the Card Table Deluxe Set- Erdnase

Expert at the Card Table Deluxe Book Set- Erdnase

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This Deluxe set of 4 books teaches and examines the famous EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE by the mysterious S.W. Erdnase. You learn  the techniques of how to gamble, deal in  your favor or simply to make real interesting card effects that can fool anyone! This is  both magic and cheating with cards.


Also available on DVD!

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  • Expert at the Card table Pocket Edition- Written back in 1902. The ultimate treatise of card manipulation to hit the tables.  
  • Marlo on Erdnase- Marlo's take on Expert at the Card Table with some fresh ideas on the subject of card handling.
  • How Gamblers Win by Gerrit M. Evans- Written back in 1865. May have been the book to inspire Expert at the Card Table.
  • The Mysterious Gambler and The Man Who was Erdnase by Bart Whaley- Since no one was ever really sure as to who Erdnase was. This book shows some of the investigating done for the DVD set.


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