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Final Ace Routine

Final Ace Routine

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This is the most famous card affected invented by Brother John Hamman.  Spectator examines 12 number cards and 4 Aces.  The Aces are spread on the table and 3 cards dealt upon them.  PRESTO the 4 Aces all appear in one pile!  Cards are laid out again with an Ace at the bottom of each pile.  PRESTO they all seem to melt away and appear together in the fourth pile.

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This is one of the most amazing and entertaining card tricks ever invented by Brother John Hamman.  Comes complete with cards and clear easy to follow instructions.

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Wild All the Way

This actually three different effects brilliantly routined, Ace-sational, Fantabulous, and Wild Card. This is a stunning addition to any card repertoire. 



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