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Wild All the Way

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This actually three different effects brilliantly routined, Ace-sational, Fantabulous, and Wild Card. This is a stunning addition to any card repertoire. 

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The four nines are paired back to back.  A pair in each of the magician's hands.  Red cards are on the inside, black on the outside.  PRESTO the cards all CHANGE position!  The red cards are now on the outside and black on the inside.  This is repeated.  PRESTO the cards suddenly change to all Queens!

Created by Brother John Hamman, comes complete with cards and easy to follow written instructions.

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A miniature deck of cards in the spread and compared to four regular court cards.  PRESTO the four cards visibly change to miniature cards. Magician says the court cards will reveal the name of any selected card.  One selected and court cards find it.  The miniature cards are gathered up and PRESTO they are now THREE times their original size except for the selected card which is still miniature!



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