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A miniature deck of cards in the spread and compared to four regular court cards.  PRESTO the four cards visibly change to miniature cards. Magician says the court cards will reveal the name of any selected card.  One selected and court cards find it.  The miniature cards are gathered up and PRESTO they are now THREE times their original size except for the selected card which is still miniature!

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This effect your audience will remember and talk about for years to come.  Comes complete with special gaffed cards and detailed instructions.  Invented by Brother John Hamman.  Highly recommended.

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Roger Klause's -Slow Motion Bill Transposition

The best close-up magic in the world. The magician folds a $5 bill and a $1 bill then places them in a spectator's hand. The magician removes the $1 and places it in his hand. Instantly, the bills change places. (Money not included with DVD).

Bonus effect- Jimmy Grippo's Torn & Restored Dollar bill

 Topsy Turvey Bills 



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