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Twisting the Aces

Twisting the Aces

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Four aces are shown and turned face down. With a twist of the cards in hand, each ace appears to face up while the remaining three are face down. This is repeated one by one with all four aces. This is one of the best close-up card effects ever devised by Nick Trost and produced by Houdini's Magic. Includes: Booklet, Trick Cards, Instructional DVD

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This is a great card effect for close-up and walks around magicians.  Easy to learn with DVD instructions. Can be carried in your pocket and reset immediately.

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Sword Thru Neck

 A sword and neck stock are displayed and the sword is thrust through their center. The stocks are then placed around the neck of a volunteer. Slowly and deliberately the sword is forced through the assistant’s neck, from side to side so that both ends of the blade are in full view. It looks impossible but, it is safe & easy to do.



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