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Joker's Double Surprise

Joker's Double Surprise

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5 cards are shown and the spectator is asked to mentally select one. The cards are turned faced down and dealt out. The magician picks up a card, places it in his pocket, then asks the spectator to name the selected card. He removes that card from his pocket--the remaining cards are turned over and they turn out to be all Jokers ! 

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Another great card effect that can be carried in your pocket and never fails to WOW an audience.  Great for close-up and walk around magician.  Can be reset immediately.  Highly recommended. Easy to do.

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Two Card Monte

Based on the old gambling swindle. You cannot lose with this trick. Even though two cards are used, the spectator will never guess correctly which card is in your hand and which one is behind your back. Sleight of hand is not required and this is easy to do!



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