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Wonder Deck (Svengali)

Wonder Deck (Svengali)

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One of the greatest trick decks ever invented.  Over 77 easy to card tricks that you can learn quickly.  No sleight of hand or skill required.  Comes complete with instructions. 

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A mind reading effect you can do with the Wonder Deck:

A perfect forcing pack yet the cards are shown to be all different. A full pack of cards is first introduced and shown to consist of all different cards. A spectator is allowed to remove a card from a portion of the deck without their choice being influenced. The magician does not see or touch the card, yet automatically knows what card is selected! 


Ambitious Card:

A card is drawn and returned to the pack by a spectator whereupon the performer slowly removes the cards one at a time from the top of the deck until the spectator says stop. Amazingly, the card that was stopped at was the card that was selected!


Card Under Plate:

Have a card selected by a person during dinner. The magician flips through the deck to show the card has indeed vanished. Have the spectator lift their plate! There is their card!




Easy to Use

I bought this product on a trip to Vegas several months ago and it has proven to be easy to use and always produces a great effect. I recommend this highly.

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