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The magician has three spectators each selects a card.  They are then placed back into the deck.  The cards are now placed into a glass or cup and upon his command, each card rises one-by-one out of the deck!


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A few more tricks you can do with the Rising Card Deck:

  • Torn and Restored Rising Card-The magician shows a deck of cards and asks a spectator to pick a card. Tears the card into four pieces. Then the magician places three of the pieces into their pocket and leaves one in the hands of the spectator. The card then rises with the three pieces restored.
  • Vanishing Deck Card Rise- A card is selected and replaced in the deck. The deck is then Placed into the card case. Magician holds the case by the lid (flap). The card slowly rises from the deck, as the magician slowly swings the case of cards back and forth. The selected card is removed and to everyone's surprise, the remainder of the deck has vanished. the card case is torn in for pieces and tossed to the table top.
  • Self-contained 
  • Comes with book of instructions

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