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Ultra Mental Deck

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One of the most amazing decks of cards you could ever use.  The magician asks a spectator too, "Name any card in a deck of cards."  Whatever card they name is found to be turned upside down within the deck!  Impossible! Can be used either close up or on stage.

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A few effects you can do with the Ultra Mental Deck:


A deck of cards lies in full view on a table. Any spectator calls out any card. Upon running through the deck, performer shows that one card happens to be reversed faced down in the faced up the deck. The spectator removes this card and to everyone's surprise, it happens to be the very card that was called out! 


Deck of cards is fanned in front of the spectator who is asked to think of any card. Instantly, the spectator thinks of a card and is  shown, reversed in the center of the deck!

Comes complete with full written instructions including 50 tips & tricks with this amazing deck.

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Fun and easy to do! Tricks that you can carry around in your pocket and impress your friends and loved ones!



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