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Three cards are shown, 2 have a red spot and 1 has a blue spot.  A gambling game. If you can find the red spot you win money.  Spectator is always wrong.  A surprise finish in the end.

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Three cards are shown. The object of the game is to keep your eye on one of the three cards. The Magician tells a short story. As he explains the story he will show one of the three cards. You will never guess correctly. It's a fun betting game with a story!

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Flipped, Marked and Mirrored

The magician shows 4 aces, one for each suit (clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds). The value of the cards shown may be different but the effect is the same. One at a time each card turns face down showing each individually blue back.  There is a surprise finish when all the cards change to mirrors.



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