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Two cards are displayed. One card is folded in half widthwise and the other card is folded in half lengthwise. The lengthwise card is  pushed through, the widthwise card. It emerges from the other side "inside out."  The cards are torn in half and the audience is shocked to see half a card turned one way and the other half another way--in opposite directions.  Can be carried in the pocket.

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One of the greatest card mysteries.  Two playing cards are shown.  One folded in half lengthwise and the other folded in half widthwise.  The lengthwise card is pushed through the folded widthwise one--and emerges out the other side turned inside out.  Both cards are torn in half and may be examined.  Any playing cards may be used.  Great for close-up magicians.

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Tricky Dice

You can't lose! Roll a 7 or 11 every time with these tricky dice.  You can then hand them out and no one else can win!



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