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25 Tricks with a Card Box

25 Tricks with a Card Box

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You have a spectator select a card, place it in the box and PRESTO the card disappears!  There are 25 amazing things you can do with the CARD BOX.

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There are many amazing effects you can perform with the CARD BOX.  Change one card to another...make a card disappear...show the box empty and make a card appear by magic.  Fun & easy to do.  You will learn 25 great tricks with the instruction book.

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  • Author: Tim Carlson
  • Editor: Geno Munari
  • Paperback: 18 pages
  • Publisher: Houdini Publishing
  • Published: 1999
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions:5.5 x  8.5 inches

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