Signed Card In Envelope Expand
Signed Card In Envelope

Signed Card In Envelope


 Your spectators will be truly astonished and amazed as a chosen and signed card apparently, arrives inside an envelope that has been resting on the table since the start of the show! A stunning piece of magic for stage or close up.

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Clean, powerful, and simple to learn. This handling is so deceptive that it can achieve a stunning effect with minimal effort. In other versions when you might run the risk of palming a card while in this routine you avoid any risk of being "caught" and get a big laugh while you do so! This is smart magic. No, pre-set, no palming and zero resets. Perfect for the strolling magician. The performer who is willing to spend half an hour in front of a mirror practicing this routine will be rewarded with a gem of close up magic that you will perform time and again.

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Houdini Chain Escape

Now you can perform an ESCAPE made famous by HOUDINI.  A length of chain is examined along with a padlock.  Spectator wraps the chain around the magician's wrists and fastens it shut with a padlock.  PRESTO the Magician escapes and the padlock is still locked shut.  Everything can be examined both before and after.  Easy to do.



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