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"Magicardo" is performed with a deck of cards that have a lengthwise hole cut through the center. Spectator selects a card and places it in the deck.  A ribbon is threaded through the hole in the deck.  Everything is covered with a scarf, the Magician is able to locate the card! No skill required.

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A card is freely selected, marked, and replaced in the pack. The chooser himself pushes the card in. A half-inch ribbon is thrust through the center of the pack. The ends of the ribbon are held by spectators. At this point, the man who selected the card may look through the deck to assure himself that his card is neither on top nor bottom.

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Final Ace Routine (cards only)

Created by the legendary Brother JOHN HAMMAN.  Magician deals out cards into various piles.  Somehow the Aces go from one pile to another under impossible circumstances.  This is repeated, yet it happens again.  Considered one of the greatest card tricks every invented.  No skill required.



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