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During the Watergate hearings, one man wanted to tell a spellbound nation secrets about the Nixon White House, the CIA and Howard Hughes. He could have told them why the burglary happened but that was not what the Committee wanted to hear.

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To keep him from telling his secrets, he was persecuted, jailed and forced into exile in Canada. His name is John Meier; his employer was Howard Hughes; Age of Secrets is his story.

“John Meier's life straight from a John LeCarre thriller”

-The Vancouver Sun

“This tragic story of international intrigue, of abuse of the political and judicial systems of two great nations, did not take place in some far-away foreign land, but right here in our own backyard.”

-Former Member of Parliament & Speaker of the Legislative

Assembly Canadian Politician Walter Davidson

“John Meier has been persecuted by agents of the American government and threatened by criminal elements in the U.S. and is The Man Who Knew Too Much About Too Many Bad People.”

-Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel

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