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Here's "Hoo" With Coins

Here's "Hoo" With Coins

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A half dollar is clearly placed in the hand. It completely vanishes. Both hands are shown absolutely empty. The coin immediately materializes. The routine, misdirection, and psychology will allow you to fool the experts. Absolutely no tossing motions. The booklet fully describes 10 effects with a "hoo" coin, including three routines, suggested pattern, and illustrations.

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Here's "Hoo" With Coins

Book two of A Magical Spoonerism.

A pamphlet booklet on various magic effects with a hooked coin.



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"According to Walter Gibson, writing in his book, MAGIC MADE SIMPLE, ....'The term HOO in magician's parlance is short for hook'. Here's "Hoo" With Coins is a take-off in the hooked coin. Very little has appeared in print on this valuable accessory."

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