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A book of patriotism, heroism and belief of the American Dream.

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What does someone have to do to be a hero? What makes a patriot? The words patriot and hero we throw around in conversation, but how do we recognize such a person?

Inside this book, you'll read the true-life, accounts of heroism, patriotism, belief in the American Dream, of survival and sacrifice. These are the stories of heroism and patriotism, maybe not from the people themselves, but by people who remember what they did.
These accounts of rescues, firefights, standoffs and belief in God and country are told by retired military personnel and law enforcement personnel as well as proud American citizens.
They wrote this book to thank you to our military personnel who protect us in this world of danger. These grateful Americans, the Wednesday Warrior Writers, say thank you and God Bless you.
They also say thank you to the USO for being there to care for and comfort our troops and their families.

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