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The Peacekeepers by Jack Miller

The Peacekeepers by Jack Miller

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The Peacekeepers by Jack Miller Steve Weatherly, Radar and Communications Officer, 689th Radar Squadron, Mt Hebo Air Force Station, Oregon.


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"The Peacekeepers is not a radar textbook, but rather the story of Air Force people that committed themselves successfully to the air defense of the nation for well over three decades as members of ADC. We can be pleased with the result. There was no attack against the United States"


From Air Force Radar Museum Association:


Our book "Peacekeepers" about Radar Station vets will be available for purchase in May at bookstores only. I am very thankful to Jack Miller (author) for his commitment to putting "Peacekeepers" together and getting it published. I encourage all of you to purchase copies in May and spread the word about the story of our participation in the air defense of the US during the Cold War. Jack is also passing along his book royalty to the Air Force Radar Museum Association and our National Air Defense Radar Museum. I'm looking forward to the availability of Peacekeepers because it is a story about us. It is not a radar textbook, but it is a story about our life and times during the Cold War. Our book does cover a significant period of change, as the air defense of the nation became a major USAF mission. As many will attest, the buildup of the US AC&W system during the 1950s was a real time of growth.

Radar stations were springing up all over and thousands of us were trained and deployed to what for many was a "real culture shock." Then the even more challenging transition to SAGE, a new generation of interceptors, and new radar systems began in earnest during the 1960s. Tens of thousands of us were part of this growth, operation, upgrades, and eventually shut down as newer technologies in missiles and space changed the threats to our nation.

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