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Apocalypse- Harry Lorayne

Apocalypse- Harry Lorayne

L&L Publishing



720 jam-packed pages plus 20 pages of indexes! 


Volumes 16-20


(Jan 1993- Dec 1997)

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Will you get your money's worth from Apocalypse? Harry Lorayne has always given much more than your money's worth. You've raved about Volumes I, II and III. A few of the effects and routines mentioned are: Earthly Powers, Swell Spell, Ask The Deck, Simplex Reverse Matrix, Rubber Band Sandwich, Aced!, The Muleshoe Gambler, Overwhelm, Mr. Koenig's Tapestry, The Coin Diamond, The 'Rule' Exchange, Flash Silk On Rope, Coin Favorite - and so many more!

And in this volume alone there are over 325 card and close to 70 coin effects, routines, ideas, and over 110 other effects with: bills, bottles, boxes, candles, card cases, business cards, keys, matchboxes, rings, roses, rubber bands, Scrabble tiles, silks, spoons, balls, shoelaces, thimbles, wallets, gambling demos, sugar packet, book tests, chain loops - and more. (Most of them easy to do!) And over 100 sleights taught within the routines. Plus Lorayne Storms, Editorials, Ellipses(...) and Out To Lunch columns.

The card items include: An Ace of a Routine, Best Lie Detector, Connect Four, Quick And Direct, Spectator Guesses Better, Expert Full Deck Overhand, Fabulous Change, Royal Poker Deal, Three Before, Three Proofs, Collector's Addition, Heavy Breather, Lightning Aces, Memory Man, My Second Keeper, Amazing Commute, Daredevil's Match, 'Killer' Poker-Deal Demo, Perfect Match, Cheek Turner, Heat, Houdini's Hand, Many Faces of a Woman, Twister, Variations And Additions, and on and on.

The Coin items include: Essence of the Coin, Coin In Bottle, Swirl Assembly and Backfire, The Magic Coin, Coin Explosion, Bottle Piggy Bank, The Ambitious Coin, Bounce-Back Sleeving, Curious, Watch It!, Sweet Ten, Cointrol, None-Ahead Matrix, Off On A Bender, Wow!, Copper/Silver Triple Play, No-Table Coins Across, Numismatic Nightmare, Coin-Roll Vanish, More Direct Than Ever, Cent From Hell, and on and on.


written by Harry Lorayne

2002 (Hardcover), 740 pages



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