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Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

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Edited by the famous magician Jean Hugard. How to perform 600 card tricks, devised by the world's greatest magicians.  All are EASY to do WITHOUT sleight of hand.  Every magician should own this book.  Highly recommended.

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A truly staggering collection, this book explains how to perform over 600 professional card tricks: impromptu card tricks, spelling tricks, "you do as I do" tricks, diachylon (a paste for gluing cards together) tricks, calculation tricks; tricks using key cards, slick cards, double-backed cards, reversed cards, short cards; tricks based on a one-way pack, prearranged pack, Svengali pack, Mene-Tekel pack, stripper pack; special packs; miscellaneous tricks including Everywhere and Nowhere, The Case of the Four Kings, Card in the Orange, The Buddha Whispers, and Inseparable Aces; and a final chapter on tricks using the famous Nikola Card System. In addition, a chapter on technique explains the most important sleights ― the overhand shuffle, riffle shuffle, false cut, palm, simple pass, double lift, glide, and force. Based on a volume compiled by Dr. Wilhelm Von Deusen and Glenn G. Gravatt, this collection was thoroughly revised by Jean Hugard and completely rewritten.

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Ultra Mental Deck

One of the most amazing decks of cards you could ever use.  The magician asks a spectator too, "Name any card in a deck of cards."  Whatever card they name is found to be turned upside down within the deck!  Impossible! Can be used either close up or on stage.



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