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The Secrets of Houdini

The Secrets of Houdini

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World-famous illusionist, master deluder, showman: Harry Houdini was one of the most legendary figures of the modern stage, and probably the most legendary and misunderstood magician of all time. Exposing his closely kept professional secrets, and revealing in general terms the whole art of stage magic, this book is now considered the classic study of Houdini's strange deceptions.

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A professional magician and friend of Houdini, Cannell rationally explains how the master escaped bank vaults, walked through brick walls, floated women in mid-air, read minds, and much more. All of these are discussed in clear, simple language, and for better understanding, the author includes numerous line drawings of Houdini's ingenious escape devices, with diagrams of the most complicated tricks. Twenty-four photographs have been added to the 23 from the original edition.

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Bill Tube- Brass

A dollar bill is signed by the spectator. The magician hands a beautiful locked brass tube to the spectator. The signed bill vanishes while the spectator holds the tube. When the tube is opened, the signed dollar bill is inside it. Paper money from any country can be used. Easy to do.



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