The Jinx- Volumes 1-50 softbound Expand
The Jinx- Volumes 1-50 softbound

The Jinx- Volumes 1-50 softbound

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In 1934 Ted Annemann began his publication of the Jinx. Here are the first 50 issues from October 1934 to November 1938 all softbound. 

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Over 300 pages of assorted magic from some of the greatest minds in magic. Magic with balls, bills, billets, book tests, brain tests, cards, coins, cigarettes, handkerchiefs, living & dead tests, business cards, watches, mentalism, newspapers, number effects, publicity stunts, ropes & ribbons, slates, spirit effects, thimbles, etc. Also included are trick and book reviews, editorials and comments, tips and suggestions and more. A wealth of material and it all comes with an index to locate the effects you desire. 

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The Jinx Volumes 51-100 Softbound

Here are the second fifty issues of Jinx Magazine all bound into a softbound volume. Issues 51-100 from December 1938 to July 1940.



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