Four-tunate Choice and Amorphous Ace Expand
Four-tunate Choice and Amorphous Ace

Four-tunate Choice and Amorphous Ace

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Bro. John Hamman's Four-Tunate Choice & Amorphous Ace (outdone)

Produced and edited by Dennis Schoen


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THE EFFECT: Performer displays the Four of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades on both sides, all the cards having blue backs. A spectator is asked to choose two suits. When the cards are turned over the selected suits have RED backs and the remaining two cards are found to be COURT CARDS. The spectator having made some FOUR-TUNATE CHOICES.


THE EFFECT: The AMORPHOUS ACE, one off four hearts, reverses itself, rises to the top of the packet, then changes to the Ace of Clubs. The performer concludes by showing the packet to be the Aces!

Included are four Bicycle poker-size cards.

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