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In this volume, we will discuss not only the fundamental theories of lock picking but proper terminology, the importance of tool design (using the right tool for the right job). the effects of tolerances, and finally the techniques most commonly used by locksmiths to successfully pick the vast majority of standard pin and wafer tumbler locks.

Field Operative Training Manual.

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Did you ever lose your keys? Lock picking is the skill of unlocking a lock by analyzing and manipulating the components of the lock device, without the original key. Although lock picking can be associated with criminal intent, it is an essential skill for a locksmith. Lock picking is the ideal way of opening a lock without the correct key, while not damaging the lock, allowing it to be rekeyed for later use, which is especially important with antique locks that would be impossible to replace if destructive entry methods were used.

Table Of Contents


Basic Lock Picking

The Concepts Behind Lock Picking

Picking Procedure

Tool Design

Most Common Picking Techniques

The Lockpicking Process


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Visible Padlock

                       Perfect for the amateur lock picker.

A clear padlock, you can see right through the casing.  See how a lock works. Can be used to learn lock picking. Great for escape artists.  A fine conversation piece.




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