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Book-Ventriloquism Made Easy

Book-Ventriloquism Made Easy



Ventriloquism, step-by-step guide teaches beginners everything they need to know to become a polished and entertaining ventriloquist, including how to develop the art of speaking without lip movement, how to perfect dialogues and special effects, how to use props, write and memorize scripts, plan a show, and much more. 5.4 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches

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Age Range: 10 and up •Grade Level: 5 and up •Paperback: 96 pages

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The Phoenix Volumes 51-100

The Phoenix 1942-1954 (a Periodical of Stage Magic). Six Volumes, each with 50 issues. Each 4-page issue brought 3 to 5 well versed, practical tricks



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