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THE MASTER CHEAT is fiction, although the cheating methods described are real. A story is a troubled man who has changed his name to avoid problems in his past.

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On a vacation to Las Vegas , Lady Luck treats him very well to the point he has more money than he ever thought he would. He quits his job and soon has lost most everything including Lady Luck. He is recruited to be a jackpot collector and eventually becomes part of the gang. Successful until electronics outdated the skills of the gang and it breaks up. He develops new methods to cheat the electronic slot machines and begins to cheat table games using his own cheating group. The way the cheating groups are organized, members recruited and paid are accurate. The way taxes are avoided and the methods used to obtain false identification are also accurate. The cheating tools described are correct. The main characters are fictitious because they are composites of actual cheats who plied their trade in Nevada and in New Jersey Casinos. The details of the scam in the Sun City Casino in South Africa are true. However, the BBC who made the report was inaccurate in one aspect. The "Chip Cup" used to cheat that casino was not new. It was first used in Nevada. So why is this book classified as fiction? Quite simply put, it is not to protect the guilty but rather to protect the author. In Nevada, it is against the law "to instruct another in cheating or in the use of any device for that purpose ... " (NRS465.085.3). Although someone may read this book and attempt to cheat using a method described it is not intended for that purpose. The reader must also understand that although some casino security methods are described herein, not all of them are. Casinos spend a lot of money to assure that the games are run fairly and that no one takes advantage, be they player, dealer or manager. That is the way it must be.

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