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Two Cuban refugees made landfall in South Florida after surviving harrowing journeys across the treacherous Florida Straits in separate makeshift rafts. They were welcomed with open arms by the United States then made their way to Las Vegas.

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But impatient with their lot in life, the two men attempted to rob a bank in 1990. Special Agent John Bailey intervened to thwart the robbery and a gun battle ensued. The heartless refugees escaped, leaving agent Bailey to die on the floor of the bank. This is the true story of the relentless investigation by police and the FBI and the desperate international manhunt for the killers of an American hero.

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The Phoenix Volumes 51-100

The Phoenix 1942-1954 (a Periodical of Stage Magic). Six Volumes, each with 50 issues. Each 4-page issue brought 3 to 5 well versed, practical tricks



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