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When the CIA decided to assassinate Fidel Castro, they called upon a classy, well-spoken, and totally ruthless Mafioso named Johnny Rosselli. In response to the government's offer of several hundred thousand dollars for the hit, Rosselli stood up, saluted and declared he would perform the task for the love of America.

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Johnny Rosselli was a smooth Mafia man who moved with amazing ease between the worlds of Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Washington. He was the mob point man for several covert operations involving the Mafia and the U.S. Government. His career reveals the tangled links between Al Capone's Chicago, Harry Cohn's Hollywood, Howard Hughes, Las Vegas, and JFK's Washington. Johnny Rosselli was a Mafia powerhouse whose mob career spanned five decades, and whose friends included movie mogul Harry Cohn, Howard Hughes, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and John F, Kennedy.

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