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Nevadans: The Spirit of the Silver State is a record of the state from the first explorers and emigrants through the major mining eras, through the years of the Great Depression and up to modern times. Articles in this book tell of Nevada’s entry onto the world’s stage, a story of luck, historical circumstances, and crafty promotion.

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 What is the modern role of the convention business, tourism, modern mining, education and aviation? How do these varied industries relate to the state’s rich mining and ranching past? How did a relatively small state with its foundations in ranching and gold and silver mining rise to greatness? This book discusses these and scores of other topics of interest, all told by author Stanley Paher and 26 fellow Nevadans experienced in their fields. This book reviews the first 150 years of Nevada’s development, with sections devoted to each of the 17 counties, as well as the story of the early explorers, the emigrants and the state’s silver and gold mining booms. Included are articles about ranching, agriculture, gaming, politics, the military, collectibles, and back road travel, and several other Silver State themes. Throughout, Nevada pride shines as bright as a silver dollar from the Carson City Mint.

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