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Melvin Dummar had justice stolen from him and lost $158,000.000 as a result of the grand conspiracy to deny him his portion of the billionaire, Howard Hughes, vast estate.

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Many consider Dummar to be a fraud and money grubber but an extensive in-depth investigation by veteran FBI agent, Gary Magnesen, has shown Dummar to be nothing more than a Good  Samaritan who saved Hughes from certain death as the old man lay alone in the cold Nevada desert in December of 1967. Why was Hughes, the renowned industrialist, movie producer, and test pilot in the desert to begin with? Who schemed to deny Dummar and several worthwhile instructions of their rightful share of the Hughes estate? was the document known as the "Mormon Will" legitimate or a cunning fraud? The courts have failed Dummar but the answers to these and many other questions are laid out for the court of public opinion. Let the reader decide.

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