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  • Abbott's Glass Box

    A glass box is shown empty.  The magician then covers it with a cloth  and spins the Glass Box around one more time. The cloth is then quickly removed and a beautiful assistant is revealed inside!   (Previously owned).

  • Dove Vanish

    Used but in good condition The Sucker Dove Vanish is a great illusion. You can take this apart and show the illusion empty. Take a Dove place it into the box and make it vanish. You can remove piece by piece. The suspicious audience will be able to see what appears to be a feather moving at the bottom of the box. You can then show it empty and the Dove...

  • Sub Trunk

    Used but in good condition The trunk can be examined by members of the audience and is locked and roped by them in all directions during the presentation. Any kind of lock can be used. The escape or substitution effect happens in the blink of an eye. A classic stage illusion.

  • Temple of Benares

    Used but in good condition. This is a classic illusion built by Abbotts. The assistant steps into the Temple and the doors are shut. Swords are then thrust into the cabinet, then the doors are opened and the girl has vanished. Doors are then closed, swords are removed and the girl reappears.

  • Visible Sawing

    A neat portable method using a power saw. Borrow a girl right out of the audience. Place her on any table, place the wooden frame over her body. The power jigsaw is started up and you run it right through the frame and out the other side. Requires no skill.

  • Tri-Zonal Space Warper

    Optical illusion 3 Inch Diameter Spinning coin All ages will enjoy this incredible experience!

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  • Atomic Bolt

    A mystifying, mind-boggling magic effect. A simple brass nut is screwed onto a bolt. The magician makes the nut slowly rotate off the bolt without touching it. It is spooky and amazing. Can be repeated. Requires no skill.

  • Subterfuge

    SMS is a PK system that uses no pulls, strings, or fishing line. SMS can be performed in a T-Shirt or with no shirt at all. It has an instant reset that can be done right in front of the spectator. Make items vanish off of spectator's hands.Size LG

  • Finger Chopper

    Amaze your audience by pretending to chop off your finger with this fake see through plastic guillotine! An awesome yet painless effect.

  • DVD-Sleeving & Lapping

    Sleeving & Lapping DVD Up your sleeve? Sure, Why not? How many times have you been accused of having something up your sleeve? The Fine Art of Sleeving and Lapping will teach you how to use your sleeves to perform unbelievable feats. As a companion to sleeving, the art of lapping is included giving you the dynamic duo of close-up covert moves. WHILE...

  • DVD- Torn And Restored

    Torn & Restored DVD - Matt Hampel The idea of resurrecting something thought destroyed is without question the most magical and mystical effect any magician could perform. With the four effects that you will learn on Torn and Restored, your audiences will believe that you have the ability to do just that. Matthew Hampel will perform and then teach you the...

  • DVD-Street Magic Exposed

    Street Magic DVD - Secrets You’ve seen TV magicians on the streets all across the country perform these very tricks to amazed audiences. Now you can learn the secrets of how they are done. Professional magician Steve Branham (aka Merlin) will perform on the streets for real people. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

  • DVD-Card To Mouth

    Card to Mouth DVD - Matthew Hampel Card to Mouth is truly one of the classic 'cards to impossible locations' ever performed. Imagine, having a spectator select a card. The card is placed back in the deck and lost. An attempt to produce the chosen card fails, only to have it discovered in your mouth by the unsuspecting audience member! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

  • DVD-Card Thru Window

    Card thru Window DVD This is an effect that can be performed on the street, at a party or practically anywhere you could imagine. You can walk down a city street, stop a passerby and have them select a card. The CARD is shuffled AND LOST IN THE DECK. The deck is thrown at a store window, store glass door, etc. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

  • Torn and Restored Bill

    The Magic of Jimmy Grippo! A dollar bill is  given to the spectator to examine. The magician tears a hole about a half-inch from the bill, right before the eyes of the spectators, very slowly.  The magician gently massages the bill where the torn section is, with a blink of an eye the bill is completely restored! 

  • Mailbag Escape

    Heavy canvas bag can be examined by members of the audience.  Padlocks on the outside of the bag, spectators can use their own locks.  You are locked INSIDE--yet you are able to escape and the bag and locks found to be still fastened shut!  Comes complete with instructions.

  • Change Bag

    A classic magic utility item for vanishing, appearing and restoring items. Turn inside out to show it's completely empty. Then produce silks, or have cut rope pieces change into a single long rope, and more! One hand operation. Wood and cloth construction. Silks not included.

  • Chain Escape Handcuffs

    The magician is shackled with chain and locks, yet he can escape in just seconds. Chain, shackle & instructions; locks  included.  Easy to do.

  • Neck and Wrist Escape Set

    Includes:  Neck Restraint  Chain Handcuffs Houdini Handcuffs and Leg irons Book Houdini Rope Ties and Escapes Book  Instructions Included!   Comes with aluminum carrying case!   Perfect for the Houdini Collector or Escape Artist.

  • Book-Street Magic

    It's magic—close-up, in-your-face magic, as taught by Britain's leading comedy conjurer. Zenon presents all his great tricks and illusions in an accessible jargon-free format that's well illustrated with easy-to-follow diagrams.

  • Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 3

    The most respected course in magic!   The classic volumes cover every aspect and interest in the art of magic performance.   A must have for every magic library!

  • Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 7

    The most respected course in magic!   The classic volumes cover every aspect and interest in the art of magic performance.   A must have for every magic library!

  • Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 8

    The most respected course in magic!   The classic volumes cover every aspect and interest in the art of magic performance.   A must have for every magic library!


    The Complete, Ultimate Paul Harris Collection. Book Two: Astonishing Artist Gourmet Mystery Show Counterfeit Spectator Swiss Movement Lysdexia Flesh Angel Case Putty Buddy Putty Buddy?s Pal Strange-O Hiccup Twinkie Bottle Fluffer Deck McGimmick Cincinnati Blues Cincinnati Two-Faced Blues Skin Job Fizz-Master Cardboard Connection.


    Art of Astonishment  Book threeShape of Astonishment Window of Opportunity Hot Chocolate Anything Deck Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Rumpled Split skin Free Ride Arrow Split Arrow Bat Fishing Membrane Membrane with a Pack of Smokes Swing Thing Tic-Tac Leaf Bizarre Vanish Close Quarters Heartburn Mickey Mouse Math Torn and Restored Deck Shuffle Time...

  • Chick Pan

    The Clipless Chick Pan from Ickle Pickle Steven Bender and Ickle Pickle products bring you the first Clipless chick pan! This extremely versatile production pan is full of possibilities.Silks not included

  • Hindu Water Vases

     5 vases are shown empty. Mysteriously, one vase becomes filled with water! The water is poured into another vase. Then a second vase is filled with water until all 5 vases are filled. Add food coloring to increase the visual aspect of this effect!

  • Dove Pan

    The magician displays a large pan aluminum  showing the inside empty. He places the lid back on, snaps his fingers and when he removes the lid again, a live dove (or any other object which fits inside) appears! High-quality

  • Appearing Cane

    One of the great classics of magic.  The magician waves a silk scarf into the air and INSTANTLY it changes into a cane or walking stick. Very visual !

  • Vanishing Hanky Reg

    DVD included! 101 tricks you can do with this effect. Featuring tricks of the greats! Lance Burton's Salt Vanish, Penn and Teller's Macho Cigarette, Dai Vernon's Kick Steal, Siegfried and Roy's Goldfish Creations and more!  This is the adult size, for smaller hands purchase junior size 02-2966.

  • Spirit Lights- One size

    New and Improved!!! The amazing new U.S. Patented product called Houdini Spirit LightsTM is probably one of the most visual and acts enhancing props that you can have in your magic arsenal!  A red light appears, disappears, and changes places by magic.  Easy to do. Requires no skill. 




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